The noise in my head

slowly transformed into tangible objects

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The starts of the blanket I’m making. I’m already finished the green part. I’m still debating on doing 2 or 3 white stripes.I’m thinking 3, make it a bit bigger.This is my first official Baby Bear Project.

The starts of the blanket I’m making. I’m already finished the green part. I’m still debating on doing 2 or 3 white stripes.
I’m thinking 3, make it a bit bigger.
This is my first official Baby Bear Project.

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First time for everything!

I’ve officially started the first baby blanket I will KEEP!

I’m pregnant! I’m almost 5 weeks along.

I’ll post pictures later of my progress. Because its so early, and also because my local hospital doesn’t tell you the babies sex, it’s in a gender neutral colour.

It’s also my favourite colour! GREEN!

Ugh, I have the hiccups now and I’ve been up too late.

So I’m going to bed and get back to working on this blanket later.

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Baby Blanket!

My friend had a little girl a couple months ago and I decided I’d make her a blanket!

This one is much different then the other blankets I’ve made because knitted. The only crochet parts are where the knitted strips are sewn together and a decorative edging to finish it off.

This is the blanket with a DVD on it for size reference. Just one of the many things I watched throughout the making of this gift.

This is the zigzag knit pattern I learned off of a co-worker when I was working with Elections Canada this past month during the election. I’m so happy I asked her how to make it. I made two white and strips pink, red, brown one.

On the outside edges I modified the pattern to make smaller pink, red, brown strips to add a bit more width.

I finished all around the outside with a chain stitch kind of looped/scalloped looking. 5 chains and then 2 stitches between to anchor.

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So I got a cool pattern from a co-worker today for an afghan.

You made long strips of these sections and then stitch them together!

I’m pretty stoked with how easy it is and how cool it looks.

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We got a ton of these canvas bundles from my mother-in-law a while back and I haven’t really thought of them much. There are 3 canvases to a bundle and we have about 7-8 bundles. They’re in a container in my craft room waiting to be used.

Last night I had a vision! A dream! An Inspiration!

In other words, I got an idea.

So I will be using multiple canvesi for a spread out image.
I’ll be using a larger canvas to make the profile of lips puckered to blow.
Another medium canvas will have a dandelion puff being blown away
Various other smaller canveli will be scattered with individual and group of seed puffs floating away.
I have a few large spaces of wall in the house that could really use some sprucing up.
Alas, I can’t find any of my paint! So either I find where I may have squirreled it away, or go buy new paints. You can’t go wrong with extra paint, so I might just have to get some.
For now I’ll have to be satisfied with sketching the rough draft on the canvelies.